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About Wish Kitty

We provide inspirational quotes and articles, funny memes, product reviews, and gift ideas from divine felines (and, of course, the people who love those kitties.) Well at the moment we provide inspirational quotes - but much planned for the future (-: Meet our kitty team here.

Why Support Us? Wish Kitty Gives Back.

Wish Kitty believes in being socially responsible and donates 10% of profits to charity. We choose charities that help animals and that have a high percentage of their donations going to their mission as opposed to administrative costs.

Affiliate Disclosure - How Do We Make Money?

Wish Kitty is reader-supported: when you buy through links on our site, we may sometimes earn an affiliate commission. That means the retailer pays us a small percentage of the sale as commission in return for linking to them. This does not affect the price you pay and it costs you nothing. We plan to join the Amazon Associates program and then we will earn money from qualifying purchases you make after you visit their site from ours.

We appreciate your support! It's a Win-Win-Win:

Win 1: You find great quote and gift giving inspiration without paying more and without putting up with obnoxious display ads.

Win 2: We can then cover costs so that we can keep making great content.

Win 3: The retailer wins because they get more sales... and they get less returns because customers are buying better reviewed products.

But... can you trust our recommendations?

We pride ourselves on following rigorous journalistic ethical standards; we maintain editorial independence from our revenue generation decisions. We include products without affiliate links too. We are very ethical kitties.

We do this in part because it is in our best interests. If someone gave poor recommendations to get a bigger commission, then they would really get less commissions in the long run -- in our humble opinion. This is because there are zero commissions paid on returned items - and also because in the big picture people are not going to buy non-quality items - so we have no incentive to pick inferior products or respond to pressure from manufacturers - in fact it is exactly the opposite.

We think that’s a fair system that keeps us committed to serving our readers first.

It behooves us to only recommend quality products that shoppers will be happy with -- then more will buy and we will get more commissions in the long run. So, yes, you can trust our gift recommendations, we are here to serve for the long run.

Thank YOU for your support and for purchasing gifts through the affiliate links on this site!