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Meet the Team

The Wish Kitty Team:

The Wish Kitty Team:

Rhea Divine is our head honcho boss kitty. She is in charge of creating editorial boards and overseeing all department editors. She has the final say on what gets published and often serves as Wish Kitty's representative at posh fancy social events.

Rhea cat our Editor-in-Chief

Rhea makes sure the content we publish is always of the highest quality and her keen eye for the pulse of this networked world and the best of the best remains invaluable.

She is a joy to work for and with - mostly. Well, a finer mentor you will not find. While she has a reputation for being an intimidating and demanding boss, ultimately she purrs the sweetest of us all.

Rhea cat picture 4 her antics on top of bookcase

It is befitting that Rhea was named after the Greek goddess Rhea, she was the mother of the gods (including Zeus), and her name means "that which flows." We like to think "that which flows" is ultimately the internet, and perhaps Rhea is also secretly (rumor has it) the leader of all those cats reputed to run the interwebs. A very powerful kitty indeed.

Rhea cat picture 7 her antics on top of bookcase

Rhea is a connoiseur of premium aged catnip and is especially fond of pantsuits. She is a huge Ruth Bader Ginsburg groupie.

Rhea cat picture 6 her antics on top of bookcase

Here Rhea can be seen working hard watching over us all from on high (atop the tall bookcase) - laughing at her own jokes, and keeping an eye on the clock as usual. (-;

Photo Credits: WishKitty Staff

Henry Jones hates when we call him a hipster. He can't really say anything though -- ever since we discovered he had a professional photographer shoot his online dating pics -- shared here bwahaha! (-; Plus, he’s also such a self-professed beer snob.

Hip Henry the cat is our Technology Editor and Motivation Expert

You have to admit though -- when a fellow looks that handsome -- he should be able to deal with a little teasing, right?

Henry started his career at Harvard planning to become a lawyer, but life took him down a different path. Henry is a master at finding and testing the latest gadgets and has been covering the tech industry for longer than anyone can remember. He just has the nose for figuring out the gotchas on that latest tech gift and for knowing which features matter most for each product.

Hip Henry cat loves the ladies

He is also exceedingly successful in this life - no matter how you define that - and a deep disciple of subjects motivational, inspirational, and success-oriented.

Hip Henry cat is so handsome

In the rare moments when he’s not playing with a new GIS gizmo or the latest supercomputer, he likes to watch University of Arizona football (he's a rabid fan of the Wildcats - Bear Down!), eat great food, or simply hang out with his people.

Photo Credits: "korionov"

Former fashion model and international movie star Princess Buttercup, her royal highness, needs no introduction - of course you have heard of her. She insists we do not go on and on about all her monumental past successes.

Princess Buttercup cat is royal, staring out window

That is because now she is dedicating her life solely to helping others. She loves bringing her keen sense of fashion, beauty, and a happy home to that end - she knows the advice she shares exclusively here at Wish Kitty will help so many lead happier, more fulfilled lives.

Princess Buttercup cat loves beauty, woman petting her

Plus, she just doesn't want to get her immense fandom all revved up. We can share one little secret about her though that you most certainly don't already know. Shhhh... you have to promise to keep it a secret...

Princess Buttercup the cat is our Beauty & Fashion Editor

Did you know Ms. Buttercup has a PhD from Harvard in Psychotherapy? Did you know her favorite color is purple? Ok, perhaps those details you knew... but do you know Princess Buttercup's real given middle name? No, you don't!! She has never released that information before. But we know! It's Gertrude! Here at our offices we all call her Gerty for short. Isn't that the bomb? (-:

Photo Credits: Alina Vilchenko

Well Mama Quinn sums Starling up best:

"We adopted orphan Starling as a kitten in the summer of 2016 at the Hermitage Cat Shelter. They were doing a summer camp there on cat care. It was a great camp where people learned all about kittens, cats and taking care of them.

Starling cat with pen mulling writing ideas

Of course we fell in love with the kittens. So we adopted two kittens at the end of the summer (heartbreakingly, the other kitten we adopted had to be euthanized at 6 months old because she developed an extremely rare neurological disease.)

Starling cat relaxing at home

We named her Starling because she was born with two crooked hind legs, and was just so adorable walking around on her crooked legs, like nothing at all was wrong with her. The staff said that if we adopted Starling we would have to commit to the extra medical care she would likely need due to her crooked legs. Of course we said yes. However, Starling has been super healthy and still has no idea she has crooked hind legs and does anything any other cat would do. Though admittedly she is not a very graceful jumper.

Starling cat is Wish Kitty's Food & Wine Editor

Now a little on the chubby side, but by no fault of her own - she just loves food and wine -- in moderation -- she is the biggest foodie in the universe! And that is a good thing -- especially now that she is Wish Kitty's esteemed Food Editor. It's an ongoing challenge for her, but Starling exercises a lot, watches her portion sizes, and pays attention to the nutritional value of what she is putting into her body - so she's doing great.

Starling cat contemplating existence

She is quite a social cat, and likes to be in the same room as me almost all the time. Not a full-time lap cat, but she does jump on a lap when she is in the mood.

She has a favorite toy she never tires of. It is a homemade toy of plastic string tied to a fishing pole that she likes to chase around the house.

She is a good bug catcher. She likes to be picked up and held, cradled like a baby on her back. And last, she loves tummy rubs!"

Photo Credits:
Vanessa "Mama" Quinn

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." --Michael Jordan

We wish you a purr-fect day!